You need these 5 things to learn English well

The standard of “good” here is simple: there are two basic points: the basic communication in life is unobstructed, and the foreigner chats for half an hour without problems. Proficiency in business spoken and business emails at work.

To meet the above two points is to basically achieve the purpose of “learning English.” As for how to develop to higher levels, that is another topic. There is no end to the pathology of language. Let us start with what is most urgently needed now.

So, what are the conditions for learning English, besides your blood or your bloody chicken?

First, you need time.

Please carefully estimate the English learning time you can squeeze out every day. And set yourself a rough cycle.


1 for a period of one year. Establish quarterly, semi-annual and one-year goals.

Example: July-September 2016: Complete the Friends of Hearing Listening 1-3 season, master all the words, sentence patterns and idioms. July-December 2016: Pass the BEC Business English Advanced Exam.

2 The learning time per day is not less than one hour. (Please make sure that this bottom line. Otherwise, learn to stop, a pot of water can never burn, and will bring a strong sense of frustration. It is difficult to do it every hour for one hour? Think about how to brush microblogging every day. WeChat time)

Example: 30 minutes every morning: memorize words or read English scripts and articles in the morning. Half an hour at night: Listen to the American TV series. Or, if you only have fragmentation time, please break it down: 20m*3=60 minutes, see the stitches.

In the year I taught myself, I used the theory of boiling water. Basically, all the spare time is put into English (average of more than three hours a day), and naturally it has achieved ideal results.

Second, you need goals.

This is in fact closely aligned with the time plan above. A person, only knowing that his or her efforts will be rewarded, will have the motivation and courage to persevere.

Are you going to have basic daily communication and accessibility travel abroad?

Are you working in a foreign company or in the import and export field, and you need to use a foreign language as your working language?

Are you planning to study abroad in the near future, go to the evil US imperialism or start a new chapter in your life in Great Britain? Or, the above definitions are too abstract and difficult to quantify, so we use a trick that is uncomfortable:


When we are at school, the most important way to quantify the goal is to take the exam. Therefore, if we still have no perseverance, the exam is the simplest goal. (Also, it can also add chips to your job search.)

I have coached many friends to study English in their spare time. I have the following suggestions for the choice of exams:

If you are a college student, please take the 4th and 6th exams. (When you apply for a job, this may become an important indicator of HR’s ability to measure your ability)

If you are new to the workplace, you need to improve your business skills. (I found that many friends who are new to the workplace can’t complete a qualified English email, and can’t independently make calls with foreign customers….) Consider the BEC Cambridge Business English series.

If you have a stable foundation in all aspects of English and need to break through your oral ability, you can consider the intermediate and advanced interpretation of Shanghai International Studies University.

If you are determined to be a translator, you can consider a translation qualification exam such as CATTI. It involves a lot of political and other unfamiliar subjects, which is far from the daily work life. Friends who are not translators can detour.

For those who are particularly interested in foreign cultures and do not rule out friends who will go abroad in the future, please choose the IELTS or TOEFL language test. The test questions are close to life, and the test scores are not only available for use abroad, but also recognized by most domestic enterprises as one of the important indicators for measuring English proficiency.

Of course, if you have strong self-control, you don’t need to pass the exam and other external forces to restrain yourself and spur yourself. You can also set the following goals:

Remember **** words in three months, read how many English novels, listen to **** American drama, practice ** English mail. (In this way, the failure rate can be imagined, too difficult to adhere to, too difficult to actually quantify)

Third, you need to recite words.

Yes, that’s right. Your biggest headache is coming. Basically, all the friends who are full of blood and plan to learn English have been giving up on this project for a week, one day, or even an hour later.

With so many large English-language dictionaries, so many dazzling words-writing software, which one is right for you?

Suggest: Everything is not recorded by the purpose of “repeated contact and actual use of cockroaches”, all of which are hooligans.

Words fall into three categories:

Daily communication

Work related class

Tall class

Daily communication:

Here, let me name the 4-6 exam: it basically covers the basic vocabulary of our daily life. However, why do we still not say when we pass the 4th or 6th level, we will not use it, we will not write it? It is because our traditional school education method only allows us to learn the word “letter” rather than the word “use ‌‌”.

So please pick up these words as quickly as possible. Go to the bookstore and buy a New Oriental authority’s four or six-level words (must be accompanied by a short sentence), with a four-six-level listening, use a month to see words, record examples, and practice listening. (Yes, one or two months is enough, because there is a basis for memory in your brain)

If you plan to travel abroad in the short term, buy a copy of the “Travel Pocket English Book”, feel free to turn it over and keep it in mind. If you want to go abroad, buy the same IELTS vocabulary Bible. What is most important to your daily life, you have to buy one.


The progress of English displayed at work will allow you to enjoy a small sense of accomplishment and attract the attention of your colleagues’ team. (Yes, English is more of a peacock’s screen display at work, you have to show it boldly)

How to get started quickly? My method (this method is also shared in my other articles, because it is simple and rude straight!):

I found all the professional vocabulary and documents that I could collect in the company at that time. I compiled the summary binding and made it into a Chinese-English version, repeating the six-level method for memorization.

I want to ask everyone here: We also know that the ocean of vocabulary is vast, but isn’t the number of commonly used words in our professional field not more than 2,000? Just like every professional category exam, the predecessors have already compiled relevant vocabulary. Every industry can also get the relevant vocabulary.

If you are in the machinery industry, please sort out a glossary of 1000-2000 words. If you are financial, can you sort out a financial term for your company? If you are an HR, can you also sort out a terminology that suits your company’s interview process?

In doing so, you can get rid of the powerless feeling of finding a needle in a haystack and quickly enter the role in your own industry. Don’t say that you didn’t find the relevant word book in the bookstore, you have to have confidence in your search ability.

I spent a week finishing and it took two months to remember. Two months later, in many workplaces, I can easily speak the professional vocabulary of the industry, so that the American engineers present can be a little eye-catching to my little girl. These positive comments will naturally be passed to the management of the company. In the ear. Now recalling, there is really a small sense of accomplishment.

Everyone’s energy is limited, you must choose the most brilliant place to delve into. This is the learning methodology!

Tall words:

These are words that seem to make us feel a little admired and make foreigners feel cultured, especially in high-end business occasions, conferences and negotiations.

For the simplest example: “Thank you for your support.” We can write: Thanks for your support‌‌. It can also be written as: ‌‌”Your support will be highly appreciated.‌‌”

This is the evolution of learning English from basic communication to advanced. If you have the opportunity, speak alone.

Fourth, you need to “ mouth to say  .

The ultimate goal of learning a language is to  say”! Say”! Say”! (Important questions are said three times)

Many small partners said: I don’t have a circle, no foreign language environment, no international friends, so I have no chance to say. However, in the era of overwhelming network resources, none of the above has been established.

Pick a favorite American drama and start talking and talking. Of course, if you like other American dramas, such as desperate housewife desperate housewives, sex and city desire cities, modern family, etc., you can choose according to your hobbies.

How to learn English with American drama? Many friends have seen countless American dramas and movies, and English has not improved. why? Because you are busy chasing the drama, but not calm down to learn.