What affect male infertility?

Now the incidence of male infertility is getting higher and higher, mainly because it has a great relationship with living habits. As long as the bad habits are changed, the combination of Chinese and Western medicine can completely treat male infertility, and the diet is improper. Will it affect male infertility?

First of all, improper diet can cause male infertility, vitamin A deficiency can lead to the growth of male spermatogenic epithelial cells, vitamin B deficiency will affect male pituitary function and reduce fertility. The lack of vitamin C will accelerate the coagulation of semen and reduce the vitality of the sperm. The lack of vitamin E directly damages the testes. Lack of calcium and phosphorus can reduce fertility in men. The lack of trace elements magnesium and zinc reduces sperm production and reduces sperm motility. In addition, the large amount of cottonseed oil can also cause male infertility, and celery also has a certain contraceptive effect and consumes too much infertility. What other factors cause male infertility?

1.A large number of smoking and drinking

If you smoke an average of 30 cigarettes a day, the survival rate can only reach about 50%, the male hormone secretion in smokers will be lower, so the ability to produce sperm will also be correspondingly reduced, long-term Sexual alcoholism can damage spermatogenic cells of the testes, affect sperm production, and cause sperm abnormalities.

2. Hot temperature

Sperm is mainly produced by the testicles, the testicles in the process of spermatogenesis requires the temperature to be about 1 to 2 degrees lower than the body temperature, if you regularly use hot water bath or wash the sauna, it is easy to let the scrotum The high temperature state affects the spermatogenic function of the testes. In addition, long-term wearing tights will also hinder the blood circulation of the scrotum, leading to testicular congestion, causing infertility.

3. Unhealthy selfie

sexual life If sexual life is more chaotic or sexual life is not clean, it is easy to cause infection of male reproductive organs such as gonococcal bacteria, viruses, chlamydia, mycoplasma, trichomoniasis and so on. When suffering from genital tract infections, it will affect the production and transportation of sperm, sperm motility will slowly decline, resulting in weak sperm disease and oligozoospermia.

4. long-term exposure to toxic substances, long-term use of drugs

Long-term exposure to chemicals can affect male reproductive functions such as insecticides, dieldrin, etc. Other metals containing lead, mercury, copper, and cadmium can also affect male reproductive function. Some anti-tumor drugs, antihypertensive drugs, hormonal drugs, sedatives, anti-rheumatic drugs, and anesthetics can affect spermatogenic dysfunction in men, resulting in decreased sperm motility. 

Tips: Not only the above factors can cause male infertility, but also excessive psychological stress, long-term stress, a large number of smoking, drinking, depression can lead to decreased semen quality, causing reproductive function disorders.