The introduction and analysis of the plot of the TV series “He Xi Hua Ting”

In 2013, I accidentally read the novel “He Xi Hua Ting” on the Jinjiang Literature Network. At first sight, I was shocked by the book. I am a bit self-sufficient in Chinese ancient Chinese literature, ceremonies and institutional culture. However, when I read this novel, I need to prepare a “Ci Hai” and four books and five classics. The novels are full of uncommon characters, and they are used everywhere. In the text of a two-three cross, four or five chapters can be included. Many of the allusions are also from the secluded ancient books such as “Zhulin Miscellaneous” and “Song People’s Anecdotes Compilation”. “If you come from “Zuo Zhuan” or “Shi Shuo Xin Yu”, it seems that there is no culture.

This is also the second. What makes me more surprised is the author’s familiarity with the ancient Chinese political system. The events used to promote the development of the plot in the text can all be found in history. Of course, the premise is that the readers also To be familiar, it can be seen that this episode corresponds to which political event in history, its background and importance. I appreciate this creative approach. Just like the American drama “The Game of Power”, you can find prototypes in European history in many plots, that is to say, it is not a slap in the sky, and then the author creates in this real historical event, which reflects you. It is well-founded and reflects the level of your literary creation. It also reflects your historical direction and depth of thinking about history. In my opinion, the most feared thing about historical novels is that the plot is completely compiled by the author. Because you are a modern person, you inevitably think and edit with the modern civilization you have accepted, so it will appear like ” The novels such as the Yongzheng Dynasty and the “Da Ming Dynasty” made a thing that only happened in modern society, and it was very magical to make a face-lift in the official court of the Qing Dynasty. For example, in the “Da Ming Dynasty”, the Emperor Jiajing and the members of the cabinet, in order to increase the treasury silver, came up with an idea to change rice into mulberry, and then the whole works were nearly 50 episodes, which was carried out around the national policy of changing rice into mulberry. However, this idea is actually a reprint of the enclosure movement that emerged when British capitalism was just beginning to develop. It was a practice that emerged in an environment where the commodity society was highly developed and the trade and banking industries were highly prosperous. The Ming Dynasty people who were still in the farming society 500 years ago, those who have not read Adam Smith’s theory, can’t think of this idea anyway. If it can, China has long appeared in the Charter of the Magna Carta, and waits for the British to write What? Historical novels, let historical figures have the idea of ​​modern civilization, let them say that “the world is the world of the world”, ‘what woman can not go out to work, can not be monogamous …’, are all made up, only Can watch play, entertainment. And like “He Wei Huating”, changing a real historical event can ensure that the character does not have the thinking of crossing, because the reason why an event occurred in that era is determined by the history process, not to the fire. It is impossible to get out of the Charter of the Magna Carta, and it is impossible to get a business mind and a sense of citizenship.

All of the above are not the most admired for the “He Xi Hua Ting”. What makes me respect the author as the great god is the idea conveyed by the novel. The author’s pen name Xuemanliangyuan, the most powerful thing is to completely deny the defeat of the king, and to say that the winner wins all, just because he is the most shameless, the most bottom line, the least to take the people. You only have to hesitate and hesitate about ‘flowing others’ blood to make yourself’. If you still have a little fear and compassion for other people’s lives, you will lose, in the context of China’s power struggle, Who is even less the bottom line. On the other hand, what is even more tragic is that the people who have been saved by the survivors of good thoughts are not only grateful, but when they just come alive, they ruthlessly laugh at this kind of loser, even if they know that they are Because of his kindness, he was lucky to survive. They ignorantly and unconsciously followed the winner’s ridicule of the loser’s incompetence, praised the winner’s wise and martial arts, as the life of the sheep, and sang the wolf’s feat of ambition. This phenomenon is not only explained by the ‘Stockholm Syndrome’.

So when “He Wei Huating” was to be made into a TV series, I was looking forward to it. Because the reading of the novel has a very high threshold, it is not particularly familiar to the ancient texts. If you don’t understand the ancient Chinese discourse system and ethical context, you will think that it is difficult to understand, faltering, and the whole novel. The atmosphere is particularly damaging because it is a great tragedy. Judging from the current six or seven episodes broadcasted, the author (also a screenwriter) has slightly changed the linguistic ambiguity, and it has become easier to understand, so the play is better than the novel. However, in order to see the ratings, it is obvious that she added a lot of plots similar to suspense dramas. This compromise is very necessary in my opinion, but it is a bit too much, and it has become a detective drama. I believe that more than 80% of the audience, for The first crown ceremony and the second spring case did not understand.

This drama is extremely brain-burning. One episode is two or three, and the other is six or seven reversals. If you miss a detail a little, you can’t understand it. It is definitely not a drama to watch while doing housework. Every time I look back at the plot clues, I am amazed at the wisdom of the writer. How is the brain of Xue Manliangyuan? It is not an exaggeration to say that she is a shocking woman. With the ancient books she read, and the level of reading books, she went through the ancient books and participated in the imperial examinations.

In order to pay tribute to the idols in my heart, I intend to sort out the plot of the TV series, plus my own insights. Although it is likely to stop broadcasting, I still want to learn how Xuemanliangyuan expresses Chinese traditional culture and political system. Her skills are very good. The first conflict: crown ceremony. It consists of the first four episodes.

“Gentleman today, one hundred adults” The words that appeared in the drama were the dynasties before the Qing Dynasty. When the men reached the age of the weak crown, the congratulations were often used when friends and relatives came to observe the ceremony. The play was written by the actor and the eldest son Xiao Dingquan himself.

The idiom “He Xi Hua Ting” comes from the story of Lu Ji in “Shi Shuo Xin Yu·Yu Jue”. Lu Ji is a famous writer in China. He was involved in the chaos of the Eight Kings in the Western Jin Dynasty. He was killed by the infamous name of a rebel. He sighed before he died. Can I see the scene of Huating County in my hometown? . Huating is now Shanghai. Later generations used this idiom to describe the scholars who were controlled by the superior powers and were involved in the regrets of failure after the political struggle. It is the theme of this book. Almost all the bureaucrats in the book were involved in the power struggle between the emperor and the prince, and then all died. Speaking of it, I think of a digression. For those who despise the dream of Jia Baoyu in the Dream of Red Mansions, look at the two brothers Lu Yun and Lu Yun, as well as the history of the many people who entered the official career, and embarked on the tragic end of the career, to understand why Jia Baoyu did not enter the official, consider yourself If you live in that era, there is no courage to enter the official position on this bloody career, and then despise Jia Baoyu’s irresponsibility, not too late.

In the first episode of the TV series, the background of the dynasty is that the Prince has reached the age of 20 and has not yet crowned. It is something that has never happened in the 150 years since the founding of the DPRK. In other words, it violates the ancestral system (the ancestral system is the ancient constitution), so The teacher of the prince, that is, the cadre Shangshu, is equivalent to the current head of the organization department, specializing in the ups and downs of the hundred official positions, leading more than a dozen of the same officials, and urging the emperor to crown the prince. Those who are familiar with history will see that this prototype is the crowning and reading of the famous unlucky Prince Zhu Changluo in the history of the Ming Dynasty. I will not say much. Lu Shiyu, a book of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Pay attention to the font of the subtitles. It is the font often mentioned in this novel. It is called ‘Jiny Knife’. It is the unique life of the Prince. The original form comes from the thin gold body of Song Huizong.

The emperor here is the same as the father of Wan Juluo, the father of Zhu Changluo in history, who is not willing to crown the prince. In ancient times, the crown ceremony was a very important ceremony. Even if the poor people had to perform this ceremony, it showed that a male of this family grew up and has to shoulder various family responsibilities. Wanli tried every means to obstruct the eldest son Zhu Changluo and then went out to study. He did not want to admit that the child had the qualification to be a successor, because he did not like the son too much, and he was reluctant to inherit the throne. So the dialogue in the TV series is like this, in my brackets is my translation.

Lu Shiyu: “Your Majesty, the Crown Prince is the first emperor to filial piety for three years, more than double ten years, not yet married, this is something that has never happened in the founding of the country for a hundred years.” (Several words, the amount of information to the audience is very large Lu means that the emperor, in order not to recognize the existence of this son, actually violated the constitution formed in the past 100 years, and he did not hesitate to become the first person who violated the law in the past 100 years?!) The emperor Xiao Ruijian (hands that holds the chess piece and does not squint) said: “Go out of the palace, Lu Shangshu.” (I can’t agree! You can roll it!)

The Emperor’s headband is the Dongpo towel, which is common in portraits drawn in the Ming Dynasty. At this time, the hand is holding the chess piece, and the person who knows the world in this game is me!

Lu Shiyu looked at the emperor’s movement and continued to say: “Wang Chang Qi Wang lived in Kyoto for a long time, did not go to the country, and the road was full of people.” (The emperor is really eccentric to go to your home! I know that you prefer the eldest son, but he should have been detained, you still let him stay with you, what do you mean? All are guessing if you want to save Do you know? Easy to store is to shake the country, do you know?)

Lu Shiyu: “Your Majesty, the Crown Prince is the first emperor to filial piety for three years, more than double ten years, not yet married, this is something that has never happened in the founding of the country for a hundred years.” (Several words, the amount of information to the audience is very large Lu means that the emperor, in order not to recognize the existence of this son, actually violated the constitution formed in the past 100 years, and he did not hesitate to become the first person who violated the law in the past 100 years?!)

The lines in this play are not superfluous, and one less word affects the plot, and it is superfluous for the actors to have no one eye gesture. Lu Shiyu is the leader of the civil servant. His reputation is equivalent to the first assistant of the Ming Dynasty cabinet, but he is not the one who can make the emperor give in. The man who gave the emperor immediately appeared. I’m here today, and I’ll write it later.

In addition, all the costumes, props, tea and wine utensils and plaques of this drama have all the rules to follow, and all the existing cultural relics are copied. These will be specifically written later. I have not chased any domestic drama for 20 years. All the previous dramas were jumping or fast-moving, including those that were called milestones. I didn’t think it was very good. Finally, there is a TV show that will make me look. Exquisite and elegant service etiquette, meticulous and full of elegant details (such as Song Dynasty tea, movable type printing, book road, etc.), a magnificent view of the magnificent palace inner courtyard and large-scale ceremony, all of which will be ancient China The advanced aesthetics of the ancestors, especially the Song people, have been restored. The ancients dressed in their hats are like this. They are not the kind of modern studios that have been built in the past. This is the only realistic one that has been restored so far.