The Greatness of Ford in the ’24 Hours of Le Mans’ Declaration of a Ferrari Challenge

Even if you’re not a true motor sport fan interested in the world of speed But the concentration between Ford and Ferrari that occurred during the ’60s is able to get you into it The story is set to be filmed in a movie called Ford v Ferrari, the true story of a race to win first place in the two giants of the car industry, such as Ford and Ferrari in the global racing  Le Mans 24 hours (24 Hours of Le Mans)

After this movie was screened in foreign media Received a good response Also on the famous movie review websites Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb scored almost a hundred points. To the point that this is one of the favorite movie to win an Oscar.

Back in the 1960s, Ford had a bold image of mass production, compared to Ferrari, a world-class supercar brand that swept a lot of success in the motorsports world. No matter which angle you look at it, Ford can never fight. Because of the potential and lack of experience in the motor sport world But after passing that point It has become the beginning of Ford’s great history in the automotive world.

Henry Ford II, second generation successor

In 1963 Henry Ford II, second generation successor of Henry Ford, who loves speed, wants to expand their empire. From general-purpose vehicles to motorsports, to build and build a reputation for the company. But the problem is that they don’t have know-how in this regard

Therefore, the solution to this Ford problem is to find a partner by buying a sports car. Or start a new one But at that time, Ford decided to take over the business of a sports car company. As they consider themselves a giant car company that has a bucket of money Which the lottery came out at Ferrari that they wanted to occupy Because at that time Ferrari was a car brand that focused on building a reputation on the racetrack Selling a sports car in the showroom is a minor issue, and Ferrari also faces financial problems as revenue and expenses start to become unbalanced. 

Enzo Ferrari (left), owner of the Scuderia Ferrari team

The Ford team traveled to Modena, Italy, to request an offer of $ 10 million to Enzo Ferrari for the acquisition of their racing team, Scuderia Ferrari. The negotiations seemed to be going well. And the contract is almost complete But according to one of the conditions in the contract that says “Ford will take over and make a decision about the budget of Scuderia Ferrari”, which makes Ferrari’s chief commander unhappy and responds that “There is still something that your money cannot be bought” because even though Enzo Ferrari is not as wealthy as Ford, it is the prestige that “Can’t be insulted” enraged Enzo, and Enzo was considered one of the powerful figures in Italy. The conclusion is that negotiations must be terminated.   

This event also caused a lot of indignation for Henry Ford II. And that made him decide to bring the said sum to set up a new team And announcing that they will overthrow Ferrari in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. “I will go to Le Mans and kick the doctor there.”   In that era, the F1 race had just begun. The famous Motorsport competition and making a name for Ferrari is the 24 Hours of Le Mans, in which the camp has won six consecutive titles since 1960-1965.

Ken Miles (Christian Bale)

 Back at the Ford team, the key people in this project include  Caroll Shelby, a designer and automotive engineer known to Ford fans around the world,  Ken Miles , driver and tester, and Lee Iacocca. Ford vice president of production at that time was racing Ford GT40  was born of the knowledge that almost call it a mixture of modified cars in the style known as American Hot-Rod with race motor. Import a left turn only. (Because racing on the Oval Track) in American style like NASCAR

Caroll Shelby as Matt Damon

     The Ford GT40 was developed on the basis of the British racing car company Lola, which is featured in the development of the chassis for use in racing cars. The model name implies that the GT means Gran Turismo, which is a form of a sports coupe and 40 that means the height of the car. In inches or 1.02 meters, which is the measurement from the floor to the highest edge of the front windscreen according to competition rules The engine was placed in the middle of the trunk. The first model uses the 4,828 cc 380 horsepower V8 engine that has been improved from the blocks used in the Mustang sports car and can travel at speeds up to 200 miles / hour or 321 kilometers / hour.

Lee Iacocca (Jon Bernthal)

The GT40 was produced for the race from 1964-1969 and produced a total of 105 vehicles for crushing Ferrari as according to the intention of Henry Ford II. During the first two years of participating in the race, Ford could not The mahout can find success. Despite how rich they are, but with Le Mans, it’s not that easy for a newcomer like them. Ford’s cars can’t stand a 24-hour distance. Cars after that have to leave the race and before the GT40 will show. To demonstrate the greatness, have to wait until 1966 with the GT40 MK II, which is designed for long-distance driving like Le Mans 24 hours.

Ford GT40 MK II

In 1966, Ford’s goal was to reach the goal and set a record for the Le Mans race as well, in addition to the GT40 racing being able to win the Le Mans, but not just one of the 3 Ford GT40s driving to the finish line. Together until becoming a legendary image In which the championship title in 1966 was the team’s racing car Shelby-American, created by Ford by New Zealand racer Bruce McLaren (the founding team of McLaren) and Chris Amon, became the starting point for Ford’s greatness in the Le Mans 24 hours before they won. The second period in 1967 with the MK IV racer, American racers AJ Foyt and Dan Gurney, along with two successive successes in the years 1968-1969. Ford has been able to win four consecutive times. Before they withdrew from the competition the following year 

The legendary image of the 24 Hours of Le Mans race and is the beginning of Ford’s greatness.The interesting thing is that even if Ford has a heavy capital at any level. But that does not mean that they will be successful on the racetrack, so what happened to the miracle they could do in 1966 was the perfect combination of budget, management, excellence in terms of Engineering, determination, luck, and most importantly Getting a suitable and excellent team. And this is one of the history pages that took place in Ford and Ferrari ’24 Hours of Le Mans’.