What foods are good for your teeth?

Many people want to have a solid and healthy white tooth, especially for a girl who loves beauty. If there is a row of white and beautiful teeth, it can make women’s charm index rise. In order to have healthy teeth, in addition to normal brushing in the morning and evening, we can also take some foods that are good for the teeth. Not only makes the teeth white and bright, but also makes the teeth healthier and stronger.

Which foods can make your teeth stronger?

  1. Drinking of green tea

Because green tea contains very rich fluorine, fluorine is an important element for whitening and fixing teeth. The ingenious combination of this substance and apatite in the teeth can play a miraculous role in acid and sputum resistance, which is the main reason why fluoride is the most common in toothpaste. Of course, drinking green tea in moderation can also keep people fresh and refreshing.

  2. Eat some onion ginger garlic,

This is not a suitable advice for girls. In fact, although the innermost smell after eating ginger and garlic is a bit large, these foods contain effective bactericidal substances, such as raw onions or garlic, which effectively kill Streptococcus mutans, which is the chief culprit of tooth decay. In addition, mustard and other foods also have such bactericidal substances, which have the same bactericidal effect. ?

  3. Eat more crude fiber food

Leek, celery and other foods rich in crude fiber can also effectively make the teeth white and healthy. The principle is very simple: when we eat coarse fiber food, the rich crude fiber will rub the teeth, thus removing the residual food on the teeth and the bacteria growing on the surface of the teeth, reducing the occurrence of tooth decay.

  4. Eat foods rich in vitamins

Some foods rich in trace elements should also be eaten as much as possible, such as tomatoes, spinach, etc., the effect of these food whitening protection can not be underestimated. Especially for the elderly, eating more vitamins, in addition to whitening teeth, can also improve the congestion of the gums caused by the loss of vitamin C in the body and other diseases.

  5. Eat calcium-rich food

Calcium is a must-have for maintaining healthy teeth. Dairy products and soy products are common foods rich in calcium, such as milk and cheese. Cheese is not only a good source of calcium. It contains calcium and phosphate to balance the pH in the mouth, reduce the possibility of bacterial growth, increase calcium levels, reduce tooth decay and strengthen teeth.

These are the foods that are good for the teeth. Women who want to have healthy, white and beautiful teeth can eat these foods often, and we must refuse candy. Especially before going to bed, we try not to eat sweets. Because sweets are not only harmful to the teeth, but too much sugar is harmful to the body.