Skin tips

In our real life, everyone can make all kinds of mistakes without this life, and for the beauty girls who are exploring on the road of pursuing beauty, it is easier to make various kinds of daily skin care. All kinds of mistakes, as to what specific common mistakes you have, and how to avoid these misunderstandings, let us study together.

What are the common mistakes people have in daily beauty and skin care?

  1. When you make a mask, laugh and wrinkle. Many people have seen some opinions in various places, saying that when you are doing masking, don’t make a big laugh and scream, and if you do this, it will easily wrinkle, but in fact these statements are wrong. Because a person’s long wrinkles will not cause wrinkles when the mask is used to replenish the skin, but because of the loss of skin collagen and the loss of elastic fibers, so don’t worry too much when applying the mask. Laughing and causing wrinkles.

  2. The perfume will be more durable in the refrigerator. Many people think that perfume is placed in the refrigerator. Because the concentration is compressed, it may make the fragrance last. But the perfume is not the same as the food we eat every day in the refrigerator. It can not only keep the fragrance lasting, but also pollute us. Poisoning caused by eating food, so you should pay attention.

  3. The beauty will sleep more and more young. Many girls feel that the beauty of sleep is getting younger and younger, so they will sleep a lot of feelings every day to make themselves beautiful, but in fact, not only will they not become beautiful, but they will be more languid, so the beauty will only sleep. And enough time is enough.

What are the skin care tips?

  1. Eat more foods rich in antioxidants. If you want skin care, it is not enough to use some skin care products alone. Because of the external adjustment, we should also take in a lot of foods rich in antioxidants, such as various yellow-green fruits rich in vitamin E and vitamin A. Vegetables can greatly reduce the aging of our skin.

  2. Reduce the formation of peroxides. The reason why we grow wrinkles alone is because the formation of these peroxides causes more free radicals in our body, which causes damage to the skin of the cells. Therefore, in order to reduce peroxide production, we must pay attention to the reduction of some The intake of fried foods is good.

  3. always pay attention to moisturizing. If a person’s skin condition wants to be better, they must pay attention to their skin always maintaining a moist state. This requires each girl to carry a bottle of moisturizing spray with him when he goes out, so that he can make himself The skin looks moist and moist at all times.

I believe that after reading this article, you should know that you will inevitably enter the daily skin care misunderstanding. Therefore, in order to better care for the skin, you must learn basic skin care skills, and you must know the skin care skills. Avoid these misunderstandings before you can make your skin condition better.