Myth Busted – First Impression Is The Last Impression

First impression is the last impression. That’s what I’ve been hearing for a really long time. That’s what we’ve read and learnt all our lives. Right?

Well, I beg to DIFFER!

I don’t think first impression is the last impression. In fact, I think impressions change, and most importantly, impressions can be changed. After all, isn’t that what image consulting is all about?
Image consulting solutions are meant to build or repair your impression to the world, your image to the world. You use these techniques and tactics to reveal an appealing image of yourself to others you come across in your life, so as to be appreciated by others and succeed in whatever you’re trying to accomplish with a good, positive image.

But why do you employ image consulting solutions in the first place?

You haven’t been born today – you already have an image and someone already has a first impression about you. Don’t you think so? And when you do employ image consulting solutions, you’re trying to change that particular impression, right? So there!

That’s why I strongly believe first impression is NOT the last impression. It might be difficult to change a person’s first impression, but it’s not impossible. One way or other, you can definitely change the first impression about yourself in the eyes of others with the help of image building solutions.

Just keep in mind, first impressions vary from person to person. Someone from your workplace might not think about you the same way as one of your school pals. While it can be difficult to change your pal’s impression about you, as compared to your colleague or client from your workplace, it’s definitely not impossible.

Your job is to understand how you want to be known, or perceived as, to people in different aspects of your life. If you feel certain people are assuming you in a different sense, or misunderstanding you completely, it’s time to talk to an Image Consultant, who can suggest you ways to correct this misconception.

Plus, working with such a consultant can also be rewarding in understanding your own abilities, discovering hidden talents and skills, and just chatting with a friend who will never judge you in any manner for who you are, what you do and what you have done in life.