15 measures to promote the development of Medical care

Recently, the National Health and Health Commission, the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance, the National Bureau of Ageing and other 12 departments jointly issued the “Several Opinions on Promoting the Combination of Medical and Health Care”, pointing out that the combination of medical care and services The supervision of the health and health administration is led and the civil affairs department cooperates. The “Opinions” focus on some of the blocking points and difficulties that have been reflected by various parties in recent years, and propose 15 policy measures in five aspects.

The first is to strengthen the connection between medical and health care services. Formulate the regulations for the signing of medical insurance contracting services, and encourage the old-age care institutions to carry out various forms of contracting cooperation with the surrounding medical and health institutions. Renovate and expand a number of community (township) medical care combined service facilities, urban new community health service institutions can build community health care combined services facilities.

The second is to promote the reform of “distribution suits”. All localities shall simplify the approval and registration of medical and nursing institutions as required, optimize the process and environment, and involve the administrative department of approval and registration at the same level, and implement “one window”. The old-age care institution shall organize the second-level and below medical institutions, and set up the examination and approval and practice registration “two certificates in one”. Study and develop a service guide and management guide for the combination of medical and nursing institutions.

The third is to increase government support. All localities should increase their efforts to purchase basic medical and basic old-age services from socially-supported institutions, and the lottery public welfare fund for social welfare should appropriately support the combination of medical care. It is necessary to ensure the construction and development of land for medical and nursing institutions.

The fourth is to optimize the protection policy. Improve the price policy for public health care institutions to carry out aged care services. To study the content, standards and norms of on-site medical and health services, and improve the policy of on-site medical service charges. Accelerate the pilot of long-term care insurance and support commercial insurance institutions to vigorously develop medical insurance.

The fifth is to strengthen team building. Strengthen the training of professional talents such as geriatrics, rehabilitation, and nursing, expand the enrollment scale of relevant majors, and establish a group of training bases for medical care. Supporting the medical staff to practice in the combination of medical and nursing institutions, it is clearly stated that the medical staff in the medical and nursing institution can enjoy the same professional title assessment as other medical and health institutions, and the continuing education of professional and technical personnel.