Five ways to save sexless marriage

Asexual marriage is a major killer affecting the happiness of marriage. The so-called asexual marriage means that the husband and wife do not have sex for a long time, such as several months or even years.

The US Women’s Health magazine recently published a survey showing that 51% of people aged 18-65 think that sex is scarce, and 39% say that sexless marriage lasts for 1 to 5 years. The survey also found that the main causes of asexual marriage are: work stress, weight gain and lack of communication between husband and wife. However, the study also pointed out that as long as the problem of lack of communication between husband and wife is solved, the first two problems can be solved. In addition, couples must actively manage their own sexual life, from the following perspectives, can make asexual marriage return to the right track.

1. Less masturbation, more hugs. Sex is the words spoken by the body. The body expresses emotions and also affects emotional changes. Gentle physical contact between husband and wife, such as hugs, kisses, and touches, conveys love, care, concern, and goodwill. They can satisfy the emotional needs of the couple who are loved and needed, so that the couple can “reward each other”. In addition, the body also records emotions. The more hugs between husband and wife, the easier it is to have a pleasant body intimate journey, and the more the marriage can resist the erosion of trivial life. In short, a thousand words are not as good as a hug.

2. Less accusations and more praise. Couples who do not want to have sex often choose self-comfort when they are sick or have difficulties, and have less communication with their spouses. Even if there is communication, one party will usually complain about the accusation, while the other party will “shut down the shield”. However, no matter how much you love someone, you can’t help recurring accusations. Why do you always blame each other? Because you are used to seeing each other’s shortcomings, not advantages, so learn to praise each other often.

3. Learn to play. One of the compulsory courses for couples is to play and go to play. There are many life pressures and real anxiety in marriage, so it is easy to be disappointed or even desperate. Play can reduce stress, make people relax and happy, and add to the fun of life. The couple can go out to play regularly, and couples with children have to create conditions and two people to play together. Sexual life is originally a game between husband and wife, and couples who can play can more tolerate each other’s differences.

4. Read more jokes and learn to be humorous. Quarreling is a “common meal” for couples. Some couples quarreled and insisted on “three non-isms” – no compromises, no concessions, no bowing, and sexual life has become “buried goods.” Some couples can get “sexual blessings” through quarrels. The reason is that these couples are more humorous. Humor can adjust the atmosphere, repair relationships, and make couples harmonious. It allows couples to jump out of conflict, turn conflicts into conflicts, and love and love, rather than confuse.

5. See your strength. Asexuality is because of powerlessness. When a person becomes weak and weak, it is easy to look down on his partner and forget that the spouse is a person with emotions and thoughts. Therefore, don’t forget when you feel vulnerable, you should also have strength. You can look back on your own experience and see your strength. You can also find your own strength through sports and reinvigorate your life.