How to drink milk properly

Have a drink for breakfast and start a whole day of energy; drink a cup before going to bed to help you sweeten your dreams. As a recognized nutritional drink, milk has become part of the healthy diet of many people. However, c, how much to drink, and when to drink best? Many people may not be clear.

Drinking milk is a “technical activity”. If you don’t drink properly, you may make your health greatly discounted. It should be different from person to person and moderately appropriate.

1. Buy milk. The high-quality milk is milky white, the frankincense is light, the taste is thin, the smell is very light, and there is a light milky fragrance after the entrance. It should be noted that there is a scent of nose before the entrance, and the milk that has been scented for a long time after the entrance is very likely to add milk flavor. That is to say, some milk is called “concentrate”. It may be that the merchant adds additives such as flavor, thickener and stabilizer to the milk, so it is not necessary to blindly pursue a thick and smooth taste. You can drop a few drops of milk in a bowl of cold water. The milk is solidified and the bottom is a better quality milk. The floater indicates that the quality may be poor.

Usually, “pure milk” without any additives should be selected. If the fat content is high at the same price, the quality will be better. Healthy adults and children choose whole milk, whole milk retains the nutrients in milk to the maximum, is rich in fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, K, etc., and contains natural calcium. People with high blood lipids and those who need to control their weight should choose low-fat milk to help control calories. Skim milk completely removes fat and stimulates gastric acid secretion.

2. Drink milk. Drinking milk in moderation every day does not make you fat, but you can’t drink milk as water. Adults drink about 300ml a day, but the total intake of dairy products cannot exceed 500ml. It should be noted that drinking milk on an empty stomach will cause the protein and other ingredients to enter the intestine without full digestion, resulting in loss of nutrients. Milk, bread with fruits and vegetables or eggs, porridge plus fruits and vegetables, are better breakfast mix, so that milk and saliva digestive enzymes fully contact, more conducive to the absorption of ingredients. For people with bad stomachs, you can drink honey milk about an hour before meals. After a meal, you can drink milk for a while, and there are starchy foods in your stomach, which can help the protein in milk to be fully absorbed.

Whether milk promotes sleep remains to be studied, but it contains ingredients that help prevent insomnia, such as calcium and vitamin B6, compared to other foods. From the caloric point of view, the fullness of milk is strong, a small cup of milk can effectively alleviate hunger, avoiding “hungry burning” before going to bed, far less than eating instant noodles, noodles, biscuits, bread, skewers, etc. Nightingale is more beneficial. If you drink hot milk for half an hour to one hour before going to bed, it is better to use 100~200ml. It will take longer to digest and absorb, but it will affect sleep. After drinking, brush your teeth in time to fully clean the mouth to avoid microbial growth and cause oral diseases.

3. Boil the milk. After the milk is boiled, the protein will change from the sol state to the gel state. The calcium will precipitate in the calcium, the vitamin will be destroyed, and the lactose in the milk will coke at high temperature, which will affect the body’s absorption. It is best to use “pasteurization”, which is to heat the fresh milk to 62 ° C for 30 minutes, or to 71 ° C for 20 minutes, so that the bacteria can be killed without affecting absorption. It is not recommended to drink cold milk in life, which may cause stomach discomfort. It is recommended to heat it a little. Microwave heating is convenient, but care should be taken not to heat directly with a plastic bag. Use a glass container to heat it. As for milk plus no sugar, the relationship with digestion is not big, mainly to improve the taste, but the milk that children drink should not be too sweet, which will stimulate the child’s taste buds, from childhood to develop a bad habit of eating sweets.