How to care for sensitive skin? 

In real life, there are many female friends whose skin is very sensitive, especially when it comes to spring exposure to various pollen, and the symptoms of allergies are very obvious. Therefore, it is quite difficult to care for sensitive skin. It is necessary to master the correct method so as to improve sensitive symptoms. So how should sensitive skin care for the skin? Let’s take a look at it together.

1.Clean products

For female friends with sensitive skin, this step is very important to clean the face skin, and choose a face wash product, you must choose a facial cleanser suitable for your skin, because washing your face is very critical, which determines Some reaction of the skin to other maintenance. Therefore, when choosing facial cleanser, it should be noted that oily cleansing milk may cause skin pores to clog and leave a layer of oil on the face, which will cause more skin problems. The use of oily makeup remover products, followed by the use of cosmetics to remove facial oils, can easily cause other skin problems, so you can not over-clean when cleaning the face, it is easy to cause the skin to become drier.

2. Toner

To use pure dew instead of toner When choosing a toner, you must choose pure dew, because in addition to a small amount of essential oils, pure dew contains some water-soluble substances in the plant, so it has a good hydrating effect on the skin. Moisturizing effect can make your face become more supple.

3. The moisture

The moisture content of the moisturizer air is relatively low, and if the skin stratum corneum can not adjust the moisturizing factor in time, it is easy to cause the facial gland activity to be greatly reduced, which will lead to the face As the oil secretion becomes weaker and weaker, the skin becomes tighter. There will be some fine lines on the eyes and on both sides of the nose, so you must do a good job of moisturizing the skin, so that you can prevent fine lines. To make your skin full of water, you can reduce the fine lines caused by dryness.

4. To prone to blackheads

For women is most troublesome is the face is prone to blackheads, especially those women with oily skin, the face of fat is very serious. Especially at the turn of spring and summer, the secretion of oil on the face will be more serious. At this time, the pores are completely opened, and the excess oil in the sebum pipe is easily oxidized, so blackheads will appear. When blackheads appear, don’t squeeze them with your hands, or use needles to squeeze them. It’s best to use a nose stick.

5. Mask

Female friends should regularly make masks, usually once a week. This is a very simple way to care for the skin. It can apply the mask directly to the face, which can block and isolate the pollution caused by the outside air, and can improve the skin’s humidity. Allows the pores of the face to expand, which promotes the secretion and metabolism of sweat glands. The moisture in the mask penetrates into the skin of the face, which makes the skin of the face more hydrated and elastic.

Tips for female friends to have healthy and beautiful skin, you can try the five methods of care mentioned above, this is a very simple way of care. In addition, we must pay attention to healthy diet. We should eat less spicy foods, cold foods and too salty foods. We should eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. Vitamins are good for skin care.