New methods help find cancer-related pathogens

Xinhua News Agency, London, October 26 (Reporter Zhang Jiawei) The University of East Anglia recently said that the team led by researchers of the school has invented a new method for detecting pathogens, which can more effectively find cancer-related pathogens and is expected to be developed in the future. Better cancer treatment and even related vaccines.

Previous studies have shown that some cancers are associated with infectious pathogens, such as Helicobacter pylori and human papillomavirus, which are associated with gastric cancer and cervical cancer, respectively.

The research team benchmarked the calculation methods of bacteria and virus detection in the current genome sequence data, and integrated the best calculation module to invent a pathogen detection method called SEPATH. Using this method, the researchers used real-world tumor samples to detect new pathogens in addition to known related pathogens.

Dr. Dan Brewer, one of the authors of the report, said that when genome-wide sequencing of tumor samples, the presence of pathogen DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is also sequenced, allowing researchers to detect and quantify these Pathogens help researchers find links between pathogens and different cancers. The results are published in the latest issue of the British Journal of Genomics Biology.