Dry skin in autumn? How to prevent it?

In the autumn, people often feel dry and dry, easy to get angry, the skin is also dry, it is very rough to touch, affecting the beauty, but itching, scaling, making people more uncomfortable in the dry autumn.

How to relieve? In addition to external care, Chinese medicine emphasizes internal conditioning. Here to recommend a moisturizing tea. This tea has only 3 herbs: Rehmannia, Mulberry, and Jujube.

Practice: Take 10 grams of Rehmannia glutinosa every morning, 5 grams of mulberry leaves, 2 jujubes, and drink after boiling water.

This formula is small and refined, such as autumn Yin, Shengdi is the top grade of Yiyin, there is the power of cooling blood and blood, the blood is supplemented and the skin is nourished. The mulberry leaves are cold and have the effect of clearing the lungs and moistening the dryness. The autumn is connected with the lungs, the lungs are clear, and the body feels cool and comfortable. Using jujube to nourish the blood, it is actually hydrating the skin.

For food, you can also order pork, lily, and white fungus soup. In the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the main fur of the lung, the dryness of the fur is related to the dryness of the lungs. Lily moisturizes the lungs, so eating a lily will help moisturize the skin. Tremella also has the effect of nourishing yin and nourishing the lungs. Adding pork is to make the taste better.

The method is also very simple. Put the pork, lily, white fungus, and the right amount of water in the casserole, and then add some salt to taste. Of course, adding pork is a salty soup. If you want to eat sweet, you can add pork, white fungus, and add some rock sugar to stew.