What should I do if my skin is dry and itchy?

Dry skin is a problem that occurs all year round. Winter is more obvious, but in the other three seasons, the troubles caused by dry skin are not negligible. Skin itching is a problem caused by excessive skin dryness. Scratching, it is easy to scratch the skin, it is easy to stay sputum after scratching, causing more serious skin problems, so what should I do if the winter skin is dry and causing itching? What method can effectively relieve skin itching?

In addition, you need to pay more attention to bathing. If you choose to take a bath every day, it is generally recommended not to wash it too high. No matter what season, the bath water temperature is generally controlled at a temperature close to or slightly higher than the body temperature, ie 37~40 °C, then the bath time is best controlled within 10 to 15 minutes.

In addition, if the itching of the skin is particularly serious, you can choose some large loose cotton or silk clothes. When the environment is too dry, you can use some humidifiers or maintain the humidity in the room to reduce the evaporation of skin moisture and relieve itching. . Usually drink more water, because if the body is in a state of water shortage for a long time, it will aggravate the degree of dry skin and cause more severe itching. And in the diet, when the skin is itchy, you can choose to eat some food.

First, Lack of vitamin will make the skin dry or scaly, or itchy skin. At this time, you can eat foods rich in vitamin A such as animal liver, eggs, and cod liver oil. Then you can also eat some nourishing and moisturizing food to moisturize the skin, such as honey, pears, alfalfa, sugar cane, red radish, apples, bananas and other thirst-quenching foods. Finally, itchy skin must be light diet, eat less sugar, eat more sugar will increase the proliferation of bacteria on the skin, irritate the skin, causing itchy skin. For light diets, avoid alcohol, coffee, over-sweet foods, and irritating foods, seafood, and more.