8 super simple “shirts” style for men

Shirts have always been an indispensable item for men to wear, not only styles, patterns, but also a high degree of freedom. If you want to wear a shirt, you must change it from the basic rules of the game, add new creative ingenuity, and make the shape look completely different, so that you can stand out in the crowd.

1. Classic style: shirt X suit pants

This classic style does not need to be explained more. After all, “shirt + suit pants” is a dress that will never go wrong, and can also present a formal sense of business, suitable for work or formal occasions.

If you want to present a casual atmosphere, you can consider Korean nine-point straight suit pants, or tapered pants, will be more casual than tight trousers.

Shirt hem or tie or put, in fact, there is not much regulation, just put it in, it will be more formal, and if it is released, it can be reversed, depending on the mood of the day or the style of interpretation.

2. American casual: shirt X jeans

The other is also an unbeaten classic style, which is an American casual wear. Basically, just a shirt and jeans, it is very American-style casual feeling, three seconds to get annoying wearing puzzles, can be described as a lazy essential modeling proposal.

In addition to wearing a shirt with jeans, you can also try to open the button and put a nice American T-Shirt inside, such as LOGO pattern T or humorous slogan T is recommended, easy to show the handsome charm of the handsome .

3. Street trend: shirt X multi-level wear

Multi-level wear has always been a collocation style that fashion people love. Using several different pieces, stacking the layering of the shape makes the whole person look more weighty and the fashion index is greatly improved.

If you want to interpret a shirt like this through multiple levels, you can wear a long T in the inside, or tie the shirt to the waist. You can also use the accessories such as pants and necklaces.

4. Retro function: shirt X function wind single product

In recent years, fashion circles have played a retro trend, no matter whether the accessories are returned to the 80s, it is enough. If you have a super-old retro shirt on hand, you can mix it with the wind element to create a super-characteristic retro charm. !

How to interpret the so-called retro function wind? In fact, you only need a good-looking shirt, plus one or two functional items, such as fishing vests, mountaineering hats, functional jackets, etc., you can immediately go straight to the mountains to jump without suspense.